Silent Wildlife – It’s Not What You See, It’s How You See It…

The heart beat of Silent Wildlife – This large bull elephant was photographed on the plains in Hwange NP

I always find it hard trying to start something like this… my mind wonders and I have flashes of water rolling over the falls at Livingstone, then the sun rises over the dunes of Namibia, as the morning mist is driven away… Next little Zambezi has popped into my head, an elephant rescued five years ago by my good friends at the Elephant Orphanage Project… So many thoughts, feelings and adventures to share with you.

Zambezi – The young orphan pauses in the amongst the trees of the Lilayi Game Reserve

I hope that I can share with you my thoughts and dreams for wildlife and explain the conservation work I am privileged to be involved with. To kick start this, Broadbiz (my web designers) and myself are really pleased that we can donate 25% of the profit from each print sold to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Also 100% of the total cost of my book “An Elephant Called Zambezi” will also be going to the the Foundation to support their work in Zambia.
Each month I will also provide for you the opportunity to download calendar or a picture for your desktop or mobile device. Please also feel free to share on Instagram and tag me in (@andrewsilentwildlife)…

Before I finish this this first post and go back to planning my next expedition to Zambia (I am supper excited to be leading a group of great young people to experience conservation in action), I would just like to say if you are interested in any of my images (not just those in the shop) or interested in travelling to Africa, then please just let me know and send me an email at or leave a comment below.

Thank You

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