About Us

The sun has just set and as the air cools, the distance roar of a lion meanders its way across the plains, hyenas cackle and hippo acknowledges the coming of night. A fire burns in front of me and the opportunity to be close to wildlife gives me warmth from the inside, that complements that from the fire outside.

These moments after a day of wildlife photography by myself or with a group are so special. For me photography is an opportunity to express my love for nature and it has put me on a journey that has seen conservation become my true passion. By being able to teach and guide, i have hopefully been able to inspire others to full in love with nature and develop more knowledge and understanding.

My first significant wildlife expedition occurred in 2001, when I joined Mike Ladley on a Great White Shark research expedition. A year later we teamed up with Dr Tristan Guttridge in South Africa to continue the work.

My underwater experiences expanded thanks to PADI's Project AWARE and Marco Giovannini’s work with Turtles in the Red Sea. Opportunities also arose on land thanks to the influence of Emily and Georgina Lamb (David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation) and Dave Higgs (Olsen Animal Trust).

These conservation relationships have developed well over the last ten years and I am very proud to be able to support through fundraising and work closely with Game Rangers International, Rhino 911, DSWF and more recently MABEL.

I now return every year to Africa with my wife Libby, as either an expedition guide for Traveljar (see Travel), working directly on a conservation project or expanding my adventures to other parts of our beautiful planet.

I hope that you enjoy my photographs and please contact me with any questions on conservation, travel or wildlife photography.